Nutrition Resources

WSU Whatcom County SNAP-Ed Live Well

What is Live Well? An online resource that supports families across the state of Washington to make healthy changes in their homes and neighborhoods. Play. Plan. Cook. Eat. Move.

Link to Live Well

Check out the website for yummy recipes!

Cooking Classes

In partnership with WSU Whatcom County Extension SNAP-Ed, we periodically offer free cooking classes at the food bank. While the material we teach may vary, it overall covers cooking tips and tricks, nutrition education, budgeting, and grocery store hacks. Most of the classes will also have goodies along with participating including but not limited to, produce, kitchen supplies, and cookbooks.

Upcoming Classes

Check back here later for upcoming classes

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, a SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator will be doing recipe demos and samples during distribution.


How to sign up for SNAP/EBT?: