Foothills Community Food Partnership

Vision: We envision a community in which Foothills residents are fed, nourished, and have the resources to access the food they need.

About: The FCFP was started in 2013 by a group of concerned Foothills community members and representatives from local organizations who shared goals of a healthy, integrated food access system for the Foothills region. Knowing a food bank is one of many solutions to these goals, the FCFP uses community input to improve food access and community resilience. The small steering committee organizes community events, collaborates with partners, and supports other programming. The steering committee is currently made up of representatives from the Foothills Food Bank, Opportunity Council, WSU Whatcom County Extension, Whatcom County Health Department, and the Northwest Agricultural Business Center.

Food Landscape Assessments: Periodically, the FCFP does an assessment of the food landscape in the foothills region. These assessments inform the community discussions around food access.

2019 East Whatcom Food Landscape Assessment

2014 East Whatcom Food Landscape Assessment

Food Access Plans: The Food Access Plans (FAPs) are community-generated strategic planning documents that outline goals, objectives, and tasks. The first goals and actions in the first FAP were achieved by the food summit in 2018.

2021 Food Access Plan

2015 Food Access Plan

Food Summits: The FCFP hosts food summits to discuss food assessments, activities, and desires of the community.

2019 Food Summit Report

2014 Food Summit Report

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